April 10, 2009

Reference Letter for:
Elbrecht Concrete
10340 Pleasant Street Suite 400
Noblesville, IN 46060

I am honored to take the time to provide a reference for Elbrecht Concrete. I have over the last
several years become very acquainted with their work and feel uniquely qualified to provide
information about their abilities. Elbrecht has been a company that has performed in to the highest
standards of quality and integrity throughout the many projects they have done for me. They have
worked on projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to over two million dollars, much of it on a
“time and material” basis, and have always met or exceeded expectation.

They are a company of integrity. For example on a very large project they were doing for our
company we had inadvertently paid an invoice twice amounting to over $30,000. We did not know
this.  Elbrecht caught our error and immediately notified us and refunded the money.

Elbrecht is a company to rely on, they have a, can do “no excuse, no delay” mentality when it comes
to completing a job on time and on budget. Elbrecht did a very large job for our company that started
in the month of January, and finished in March. It involved concrete pours starting at midnight lasting
until the next afternoon in extremely harsh conditions. The job was finished on time and on budget,
“no excuses, no delays”.

I highly recommend Elbrecht for your concrete needs.

Please feel free to call me if you would like additional comments.

Anchor Construction, LLC
Robert F. Weaver, PE, PLS
Senior Project Manager
South Bend Indiana